Some info on me :p


My name is Komal. I'm 21 and just finished my third year of university, majoring in Sociology. I'm a second-generation Pakistani-American, which is...interesting considering all that's going on in the world. I also got married in September '08!


I'm pretty reserved in general, if not shy, but if we're close I'll talk a LOT. I like coming up with stories and planning them out, but 99.9% of the time don't get around to actually writing them. I can get really obsessive over things, but at the same time, have a hard time concentrating on one thing for too long. I like helping people and would like a career in that area, though immediate needs are taking priority at the moment (so right now, pretty much any stable job someone getting a Soc degree could do sounds good) :p. I over-think lots of things, and remember really small details about lots of things. Finally, I use smileys a lot, and love to laugh and think about the funny things in life.


I like cute things, crafts, nature photography, fantasy art, the color green, horror-ish stuff, and roleplaying games. I've been making websites on my own since 2001, when I was 12. Frigid Heart (my old Final Fantasy VIII/Squall shrine), created in 2001, has been my most popular site, with over 17,000 visits. I don't plan on actively working on sites again, but I want to update this one here and there.



- 6/19/09