I've had some weird and interesting dreams...here are the funnier ones:


When I was 3 (or somewhere around there...extremely young), I dreamt that my dad and I went to a relative's house and got some special coins from Canada. Cue the Canada jokes.


When I was 6, I dreamt that my class and I took a field trip to hell. A cartoony version, but still. No one else believed we were in hell, and I had to find and press a big red button for some reason. The dream ended with me pressing the button. If I remember correctly, no demon minions or anything were after me, so it was relatively peaceful.


When I was 7 or 8, I dreamt that I, as a little kid,  was working with a group of adults on an archeological-ish dig. We did something, and a bunch of raptors started chasing us and we had to escape through a narrow tunnel. I was the last one to escape - the guy who tried to escape after me was eaten.