6/24/09: YAY...everything I've wanted the site to have is up :DDD


6/23/09: Added a link to Shards (the FFVIII site) to Sites :D


6/19/09: Added more games, links, quotes, jokes, and poems (Pages).

- LATER: Added more to Bio (About), and added more to Name and Links (Pages)


6/18/09: Moved the 2 pages below to Sites :p


6/17/09: Added a pokémon page, and added more stuff to the Halloween page.


5/10/09: Done :)


5/09/09: Revamping the site.


9/20/08: Fixing some things up, and added a new Halloween page.


8/03/08: Everything now has a link (again), even if the pages haven't been changed to fit this layout xD


7/31/08: New layout :D